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Volunteer's play an important role in the success of HSS. Below is a listing of volunteer jobs we are looking to fill. To come on board our team simply read the description and click "apply now".

Titlesort icon Body

Positions filled

Boat Captains

Positions filled.


Positions filled


Experienced Cryptologist's needed to work on deciphering ancient coded mapping system consisting of animal symbolism,ancient Roman numerical symbolism, alchemy, and astrological signs. The concept consists of Mayan, Greek, Egyptian, Chinese, and Christian symbolism and ancient latin. Minimal use of Aztec symbolism. Basic structure and use has been decoded. Indepth mapping sequence deciphering required.

When responding please attach resume and/or background. Must be a team player. Very exciting project.

Divers and Dive Instructors

Positions filled.

Educators, Instructors, & Teachers

Positions filled

Grant Writers

Individuals experienced in the grant writing process who would be willing to prepare and present grant requests on our behalf. Commission basis.

Mining Engineer

We need the services of a qualified retired mining engineer who can view photos of mining sites and advise us of the proper methods that would have been used to ventilate the mine and methods of disposing of material removed from various tunnel systems.  Research the methods and equipment required to complete the work, along with a time study as to the length of time that would have been required.

File a report on various photos submitted to this web site with your educated opinion.

This will help us to understand the time and labor involved in creating these mines and tunnel systems.

Making things safe for the miners involved in wilderness areas around the United States, Central and South America, Canada and Europe.

Photographers & Underwater Photographers

Positions filled.


Positions filled.


Explore and research sites in their own home States for evidence of Spanish presence including mines and possible treasure sites utilizing the information on signs and symbols garnered from our website.

Research and provide information to be published on the website on a number of topics including samples of different types of death traps used not only by the Spanish but other countries as well, ship designs used by the Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, and Dutch explorers, different metals that can be detected and how metal detectors respond to them, tunnels and water systems used to hide treasure sites.


We require published writers who wish to write on a very exciting subject on which we have gathered research material and photos on actual land and sea treasure site locations. We will negotiate a mutually agreeable division of funds received.