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Sponsors play an important role in HSS's survival. The Historic Sites and Shipwrecks Restoration and Preservation Society, Inc. gratefully acknowledges the following who have provided support, guidance and help in our efforts to make this program a success. If you would like to become a corporate sponsor please fill out our online donation form or contact us at info@historicsitesandshipwrecks

Judge Robert Fogan
Circuit Judge
Seventeenth Judicial Circuit of Florida

Robert Moss,
Deputy Court Administrator
Alternative Sanctions Coordinator
Seventeenth Judicial Circuit

Karen Cook
Vice President
Strax Breast Cancer Diagnostic Institute

Gail Butler

Timothy J. Murray
Director, Policy & Planning
Bureau of Justice Assistance

Honorable Bob Graham
State of Florida

Milner Fax Systems

Thomas S. Gramley,
District 10 Hospital Administrator
South Florida State Hospital




Andrew Solt Productions, California
Mark Hamil of Star Wars for his narration of the Baltic movie,
we look forward to many more with this fine actor.

Jeanne E. Potthoff,
Court Counselor I
Seventeenth Judicial Circuit
Court Mediation and Arbitration

Benny Fisher, President
Fisher Auction Company

Elizabeth Devlin, Dir. of Marketing
Historic Sites and Shipwrecks

John McLaughlin
Big John Productions
Underwater Photographer

The Government of the Bahamas

Jane Shadel Spillman
Head of the Curatorial Dept.
Corning Museum of Glass, NY

Pat Halfpenny
Winterthur Museum, Delaware

Jack Pennell
Pennell's Marina, Deerfield Beach

Betty Roman
Strax Breast Cancer Diagnostic Institute

  1. Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale
  2. Barnett Banks
  3. Chromatek Custom Photo Lab
  4. Color Lab of Florida Inc.
  5. Delta Air Cargo
  6. Diplomat Photo Lab
  7. Discovery Cruise Lines
  8. Doubletree Hotels
  9. Flower City Florist
  10. Fort Lauderdale Airport Hilton
  11. Fort Lauderdale Airport Marriot North
  12. Ireland's Inn
  13. Kinko's "The Copy Center"
  14. Nassau Marriott
  15. Omni Business Machines
  16. PMS Enterprises
  17. Primo Limousines
  18. Printing Corp. of the Americas
  19. Riverside Press
  20. Ritz Camera Centers
  21. Warner Wellcome
  22. WTD