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HSS Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a lot to offer, and members of our HSS staff have traveled there extensively to research and work on the many treasure sites within that country.

HSS Costa Rica

HSS has established a location in Manuel Antonio on the Pacific Coast and will be endeavoring to have an office set up and operating at this location by mid 2002. It will also be necessary to have meetings with the various government officials responsible for assisting HSS with our Youth Empowerment Program.

These large, perfectly rounded stone balls are found in several places around Costa Rica. We have seen these stone balls on another treasure site in Nova Scotia Canada at Oak Island. They were used to form a cross that gives you the direction to travel, in this case East. They represent Thor's thunder ball which can sometimes be seen under the paw of the Lion, which is another Eastern symbol.

HSS Costa Rica Ball

If examined carefully these balls will give you the compass bearings to travel, and the whereabouts of other important symbols that will tell you about a very important underground burial site containing religious treasures.

Costa Rica holds much promise for becoming one of the favored destinations of our members who like to dive on actual Spanish shipwrecks. This area still holds many treasures undiscovered.

In the Costa Rica Gallery we have posted photos of our travels in central and South America and other exotic locations around the world where we have done treasure hunts