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Excellent reference books on lost mines and treasures, signs and symbols, and shipwrecksSunken Treasure

These books are required reading for the understanding of shipwreck sites around the world and treasure recovered from those sites. There are books on  symbolism and how it was used by the Spanish to map the locations of their mines and shipwrecks in the New World to be found in this section.

This page is divided into four (4) sections- each with a variety of books. Many books can immediately be purchased by clicking the icon located next to it. You can also use our Amazon search engine below to find just the right book.







After years of intensive research and investigating multiple books on signs & symbols as they apply to signs & symbols being used

on the many sites we have worked on we finally found the reference books that are the Bible for this type of work.

You can purchase these books at or contact us thru  and we will be glad to order them for you.


The Wizard