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Welcome to our auction page. Here you will find out information on current and future online auctions of Staffordshire antique pottery,Civil War glassware. Please visit this section again for important information on valuable auctioned items including antique bottles, inkwells and more...


Past Success


On Saturday May 24, 1997 items from "The Baltic" went on the auction block at Sloan's Miami Gallery. In October 1866 the American brig "Baltic" returned to New York from Europe with a cargo of Staffordshire antique pottery,Civil War glassware, English, Scottish, French, German & Chinese porcelain. After clearing customs, the "Baltic", bound for Galveston, Texas was to bring medical supplies & food to Confederate soldiers; she never made her destination. The ship was hit by a hurricane and sunk off North Eleuthera in the Bahamas. A total of 88 lots of recovered porcelain was auctioned to benefit a program to educate and rehabilitate youthful offenders.

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