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Welcome to the Employment section of the HSS website. Here you can learn about the various positions. Join our team by filling out our online job form.

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Positionsort icon Date Posted Description

Position filled.

Antique Appraisers

Position filled.

Antique Restoration

Position filled.

Director of Marketing

Position filled.

Drupal Website Master needed

We need someone who is completely familiar with Drupal, CiviCRM, PHP and Paypal.

This position will be responsible for maintaining and upgrading this website and also new ideas on the design and function to increase membership purchases.

Contact the CEO

Events Coordinator

Position filled.


He or she will work closely with the executives of HSS to develop fundraising events, and to encourage donations to our program through promotion of our website. Also responsible for soliciting donations of large ticket items (yachts, motorhomes, watercraft, ATV's etc) (commission basis). We need fundraisers thruout the USA and Canada.


Position filled.