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Arizona Treasure

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Indian Head canyon

This Inca Indian head is carved into the stream bed in a canyon in Arizona and shows you the direction to travel to leave the mine site and to enter the site.

This is the cut heart canyon that gives you all the info you need to get into the mine.

Cut heart canyon

You need to look for the leg hanging over the cliff above the bush for the direction to travel one leg or league,just below that by the bush you will see a mans face with a mustache looking at the leg,he's the God Geb because of the mustache and he's telling you what you need to know and where to go,as you gaze at him you'll notice that he's a double head and the other head is bald with a small dot under his nose and he is looking at the cut in the canyon wall but he also has a spade under his chin for a death symbol,over to his right you will see an eagle head looking at a cowboy hat(symbol for a capped entrance) pay attention to the shadow A and other shadow symbols,down below the eagle you will see a shadow hammer with a circle on the handle in front of two single beds for campsite,over to the right in the bushes you will see a soldiers head with a helmet and on the helmet is a birds head for change of direction.Numerous other symbols and instructions here so study them well and make a paper doc of the instructions it is giving you.