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Own a Piece of Shipwreck Treasure

Sign up for a Pirate Silver Annual Membership and receive an item recovered from the 1866 shipwreck Baltic which was battered by the great hurricane of Sept 1866 while on her way from Europe to Galveston Texas via New Jersey and New York. She was caught in the hurricane off the Island of Eleuthera Bahamas where she sank and became covered in sand almost immediately.

The Brig Baltic was bound for Galveston Texas at the time with a cargo of food and medical supplies and glassware manufactured by Deming Jarves of Cape Cod Glass Works who was previously with the Boston And Sandwich Glass Company which he left in 1858 to form The Cape Cod Glass Works. There was also a large cargo of English Staffordshire porcelain and china. The majority of the medical supplies were destined for the thousands of soldiers awaiting mustering out of the militaty at Galveston Texas at the end of the Civil War.

This ship was found fully intact under the sand and recovery of the thousands of items still packed in wooden crates and barrels was begun.

A movie was produced of the recovery for the Discovery Learning Channel by Andrew Solt Productions of Los Angeles California and was called "The Hunt For Amazing Treasures" hosted by Mark Hamill of "Star Wars" fame.

When you purchase the Pirate Silver Annual Membership HSS will pagkage,ship and insure for $200 one of the items recovered from the Baltic Shipwreck selected especially for you with a beautiful Certificate of Authenticity and an Appraisal Certificate.

Your choice(beautiful glassware manufactured by The Cape Cod Glassworks,medical bottles,umbrella Inks,Civil war smoking pipes etc.

These items are one of a kind and can never be duplicated so they are to be treasured.


Tim Brodie,CEO